Meet Rob

Board Certified & Licensed Mental Health Counselor

FL License # MH 14002

NY License # 008304

I've had a passion for enriching the lives of others since I was a kid; as a child I was the comedic relief, the best friend giving out relationship advice as a teenager, and as an adult, the person who loved bringing people together. Pursuing a career as a helping professional was the only natural career path for me, and I consider it to be a true calling.

I was educated at Florida Atlantic University in sunny South Florida (go Owls!) and received degrees in psychology (bachelor's and master's in experimental psychology), clinical mental health counseling (master's) and counseling education (doctorate). I'm thankful to have learned from some of the best that this field has to offer, both in the

classroom and in the community. I was shown how to tap into the artistry of counseling, as well as the science of it. I developed a passion for working with couples, families, and individuals. Experts in trauma-informed therapies, creative interventions, evidence-based couples work, and family systems have served as important teachers and friends throughout my nearly five years of practice, and I carry them with me through my work.

Helping others to reach their personal goals is my passion; should you decide to work with me, I would be happy to work with you to pursue yours.

My Approach

There is no such thing as a "one size fits all" counseling approach. We are all different, with individual needs; that's why I don't rely on any single counseling theory, choosing instead to tailor treatment to your needs.  My relationship with you is the foundation of our therapy, and my understanding of you shapes my interventions. I pull from theories that focus on your holistic development (Adlerian Psychology), to those that help you to discover your own drive to succeed (Motivational Interviewing), to practical, action-based approaches (Acceptance & Commitment Therapy). Together, we will develop a plan for success that fits your background and needs.

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People come to counseling for many different reasons. Individual therapy can be an opportunity for growth, challenging yourself, and optimizing your mental/emotional fitness. Sometimes, therapy is the opportunity to step outside of the busyness of life and find healing. You may need a space where you can connect, unburden yourself, and be encouraged. Often times, counseling is both of these things, as individuals challenge themselves to grow while simultaneously working to heal emotional wounds. I strive to provide an environment that makes space for both of these processes. My goals for your work with me is that you can feel safe, supported, encouraged, and challenged to live up to your most treasured values as you work toward your meaningful life.

Couple and family relationships, as with anything worthwhile, require work to establish and maintain. The fruits of that labor are definitely sweet, but you have to be willing to get down in the dirt and pull some weeds (or even go through some manure) to grow a strong trusting bond with your partner and children. I work to improve communication about issues, foster safety and attachment, and help you to turn relationship problems into opportunities to grow the love you all crave. I work from empirically validated models of counseling called Emotion Focused Therapy, the Gottman Method, and Adlerian family systems therapy, which help couples redefine their struggles from a place of hope, and find a greater sense of safety and trust in the connection they share. Together, we work to create an environment in the home where growth and health are most likely to flourish. 

Clinical Endorsements

"I had the pleasure of working with Dr. Freund at Florida Atlantic University. His compassion and empathy, coupled with his commitment to providing excellent care truly make him an outstanding clinician."

prelicensed counseling professional

"Rob conveys a natural, genuine vibe in his clinical work and in his professional endeavors. Rob does an excellent job at explaining therapeutic concepts in a way that relates to your own set of values, while gently challenging you to apply these concepts toward self-improvement and self-fulfillment."

"As Rob's former clinical supervisor, I knew right away that I would be working with a special and gifted person. Rob exudes kindness, empathy and quiet intelligence. His ability to connect with others allows him to use his experience and skills as a psychotherapist to help his clients work through difficulties they face and to grow. I continue to stay connected to Rob and proudly watch him be the therapist he is and continues to become!"


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